FLO Living Founder Alisa Vitti What the Color Your Period Blood Means

It’s PCOS Awareness Month, so we’re featuring this clip from our interview with Alisa Vitti, whose experience with PCOS led her to found FLO Living. You can listen to Alisa speak about her experience with PCOS here, or check out the full interview below. You can also listen to Alisa on The WellBe Podcast here.
The above is a short clip from our interview with Alissa Vitti. Click here to watch the whole thing.
Alisa Vitti, founder of FLO Living and the so-called “period lady,” is passionate about empowering women to balance their hormones and take control of their monthly cycles. Luckily, as she discusses in this clip, our most powerful tool for doing so is right in our hands — or, rather, our underwear. According to Vitti, the color and texture of menstrual blood can tell you a great deal about what’s going on with your health and hormones. She puts it simply: “You can use it as a blood test. It’s blood.”
Vitti groups menstrual blood into four color groups — brown-type, pink-type, blue-type, and red-type — and says that your color can tell you a lot about your particular ratios of progesterone and estrogen. This information, in turn, can help you get to the root of a wide variety of symptoms, from bad PMS to infertility issues.
The qualities of your menstrual blood contain “really valuable information that every woman should know every month,” says Vitti. She also points out that it’s not static, and can change from month to month depending on what’s going on in your health and life.
To help women understand and use this information, Vitti developed a free tool, the Period Type Quiz, that lets you input the color and texture of your menstrual blood to pinpoint what’s going on with your hormones. Then, it tells you precisely how to tweak your diet and lifestyle to address any issues. As you adjust the food you eat, you can notice how your symptoms diminish and your menstrual blood changes. According to Vitti, most issues will go away within three menstrual cycles — that’s pretty amazing! 
If you want help dealing with PCOS or navigating other menstrual health issues, schedule a 1:1 call with Adrienne to learn about her holistic patient advocacy services.
Watch our full interview with Vitti to learn about hormones, periods, the Pill, and more (or listen to it on The WellBe Podcast!).

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