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Our WellBe-approved non-toxic product lists have 1000+ products and services vetted by third party unbiased organizations like Environmental Working Group, Think Dirty, MadeSafe, GreenGuard, ConsumerLab, NSF and many more.

We double and sometimes triple vet these products (and provide different price points) that you can refer to whenever you need them. Where official ratings aren’t available, we look at retailers with their own vetting process, and even go through ingredient lists ourselves!

These lists will save you a TON of time researching how safe various products are and give you the peace of mind that you are not only purchasing products that are not going to harm your body, but in some cases, can improve your health!

Reduce your toxic burden by cleaning out and replacing your toxic products in categories like home cleaning, beauty, sun & skincare, dental and mouth care, haircare, food storage, food brands, wine and alcohol brands, kitchenware, paint, mattresses, carpets, sheets, air & water filters, laundry products, sleep improvement products, radiation reducers, natural remedies, supplements and more.

Avoiding chronic health issues and diseases today requires time, money, effort, motivation, discipline and a whole lot of research and vetting. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

Our non-toxic product lists can fast-track the process and give you the information and recommendations you need to protect the health of your family and yourself, and avoid disease and expensive healthcare in the future.


“The lists are so helpful and all of the research you had was very informative and thorough.”
– Caroline M.

“I love the lists as a reference because it can be a lot when you are trying to make these positive changes.”
– Mary M.

“Thank you again for everything. I use your lists like my personal health bible.”
– Karin F.

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