A lot of health news and wellness research comes out every single day, and it’s an enormous task for someone to stay on top of it all — not to mention interpreting the implications for the health of you and your loved ones. In these news wrap-ups, we make it easier on you.

Every few months, we comb through the many dozens of health-related articles and papers that have been published recently, and pull out the most essential items for your health. Then, we break them all down to help you clearly understand how these stories affect your health and life and what action you should take (if any) based on the most recent findings or developments. We cover clinical studies as well as policy and other news, and a huge range of topics, from maternal and baby health to corruption to new research on nutrition and exercise to gut health and so much more. 

Read these news wrap-ups to learn the most vital pieces of health and wellness news and what it means for you.

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Health Research Wrap-Up: October to December 2020

Health Research Wrap-Up: October to December 2020

Well, it’s finally happening: this seemingly endless year is coming to an end at long last. If you’d told us in January everything this year was going to bring, there’s no way we would have believed you! And yet, here we are. Obviously, wellness news (and all news) this year has been dominated by the coronavirus, and so throughout 2020 we’ve done our best to share the most significant developments in these health research wrap-ups. But, as we’ve said before, your best defense against COVID or any other disease is maintaining good overall health, and many WellBe readers are still struggling with other chronic symptoms and conditions (that might make it harder to fight COVID-19). That's why we think it’s as important as ever to highlight health news and research that’s not COVID-related.