Welcome to the WellBe Holistic Health Concierge Service


The first and only health & wellness personal assistant


Imagine if you could get answers to every holistic health and wellness question you can think of, just by filling out a simple form. Imagine that on top of that, you’d also receive medical research, vetted products, and doctor/practitioner recommendations, tailored specifically to you.

You don’t need to imagine anymore. 

After years of working with private patient advocacy clients, running online programs, and creating free content in the form of articles, videos, and podcast episodes, WellBe founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith, a board-certified holistic patient advocate (BCPA), realized she couldn’t help everyone who reached out to her with questions about healing a chronic health issue or choosing a product or service related to living holistically. But she so desperately wanted to.

Thus, the WellBe Holistic Health Concierge Service was born. 

Think of us as your hotel concierge service — just for health and wellness. No matter what you need help with, our team of board-certified patient advocates, health coaches, and medical researchers, can help.  


We either have the answer already or we will use our expert research skills and expansive knowledge (of the organic, non-toxic product market; the conventional healthcare system; the holistic/functional medicine world, and more) to find the answer for you and save you tons of time, money, and effort.

Examples of Custom Requests We Have Received:

  • Doctor/Practitioner/Other health professional recommendations based on location, specialty, insurance, cost, availability, and success with your diagnosis or symptoms, both from our network as well as outside of it
  • Vetted and third-party-rated non-toxic products or retail recommendations in your area
  • Medical research from PUBMED related to potential root causes and treatment options for a particular diagnosis or symptom
  • Which gym in your city has the least harmful chemical-filled pool
  • An overview of the organic meal delivery service options out there now
  • The five best ergonomic desk chairs
  • An overview of the yoga studios in your zip code
  • The best organic wine delivery services
  • The best water filters for your home setup and your zip code
  • An overview of the organic baby food delivery services on the market
  • The best fruit and vegetable washes, with quick easy links for ordering
  • Organic (or at least “healthier”) quick food spots near your office


The WellBe Holistic Health Concierge Service is here to do the time-consuming research that is often the biggest barrier to improving your health. 

Our work saves you money and time wasted on ineffective products and services (and those that say they are clean – but really are not!), or the wrong types of doctors who, based on their training, don’t understand and therefore cannot heal the true root causes of your chronic health issues.

People who have used our service have been able to see that, seemingly disconnected symptoms were in fact connected, and related to a surprising root cause. They’ve also been able to access and understand complicated medical research not usually found by the public or a non-medical person.

Others who have used our service for more holistic lifestyle requests have told us we helped them finally take action on cleaning up their homes, their diet, and their daily lives and tackling things they previously thought were too hard.

Most of all, the WellBe Holistic Health Concierge Service is that health and wellness personal assistant you didn’t even know existed, and now can’t live without. No matter what comes up, we are always here to support you on your quest to live a long, happy, healthy, disease-free life.



“Adrienne does her homework and keeps it honest. Thank you for all you do in this often opinion-based wellness world.” – Dr. Robert Graham, MD

The WellBe Concierge was incredible. The lightning-fast responses were a huge help – it was nice to be able to take action when I was focused on the topic. Thank you again!” – Annie H

“I really appreciated the support, the ideas, and the research. Adrienne is making such a difference in people’s lives. She gave my family hope that we could live better, healthier, and happier lives!” – Deanna L


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