Ayurveda: What Is it and What Should You Use it for?

You’re probably casually familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), insomuch as you know it involves acupuncture. But have you heard about Ayurveda, another ancient healing system? If you have, you may have said, “what is ayurveda?” Well, good news: WellBe talked to Sahara Rose, the author of “Idiot’s Guide: Ayurveda,” about the mind-body healing system that originated in India.
The above is a short clip from our interview with Sahara Rose. Click here to watch the whole thing!
You can also listen to an audio version of our interview with Sahara Rose on The WellBe Podcast. 
Ayurveda is based on the idea that our bodies are comprised of the five elements of air, ether (space), earth, fire, and water. Everyone has varying amounts of each, and those combinations are divided into three energy types, or doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. Rose likens it to your “mind-body type.”
In her full interview, Rose talked to WellBe about the different doshas and their particular nutritional needs, the simple ways to incorporate Ayurveda practices into your day (including tongue scraping, body brushing, and oil pulling), why your dosha actually shifts constantly, why Ayurveda is focused on digestion, the differences between TCM and Ayurveda, why she sometimes disagrees with Ayurvedic traditions, how Ayurveda helps you understand your body, why she likes her naturopath, how to find an Ayurvedic practitioner for your needs, why she loves batch cooking, and why Ayurveda is about your lifestyle and understanding how you’re meant to help others. 
Rose, a certified Ayurvedic, Holistic, and Sports Nutritionist, is the host of the Highest Self Podcast, and is focused on merging ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern nutritional science and plant-based recipes.
When she was younger, Rose was all about junk food and by her pre-teen years was overweight and addicted to sugar. Though her mother tried to encourage her to “eat foods from the Earth,” Rose was not about it. She was diagnosed with asthma and developed a pollen allergy that required higher and higher doses of antihistamines. Then, when she reached middle school, kids started making fun of her for being overweight and she secretly started going to the gym. She found yoga after walking by a studio, and her first class left her feeling so great, she knew she was all in. Rose found that connecting deeper with her body made her want to change her diet, and she finally started eating her family’s Persian food instead of junk food. Her extra pounds, allergies, and asthma went away. Yoga also made her realize she wanted to change the world and she’s volunteered and traveled all over the world.
Rose became a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and got certified in Sports Nutrition at the International Sports Science Association. While in India for a volunteer trip, she began having stomach issues, lost weight, and her period stopped. She met with an Ayurvedic practitioner, but was pretty iffy on the whole thing until she did her own research and realized how much the ancient practice had to offer. Rose ended up getting certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking at the Sri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Institute. Now, she uses all that she’s learned to help people how to use Ayurvedic principles to eat right for their mind-body types. If you’d like to work with an Ayurvedic practitioner and need help finding one, schedule a call with Adrienne to learn about her holistic patient advocacy services
Watch our full interview with Sahara Rose below, or listen to it on The WellBe Podcast.


The story above is anecdotal and specific to this particular individual. Please note that this is not medical advice, and that not all treatments and approaches mentioned will work for everyone.
Sahara Rose is an author of 2 best-selling books about Ayurveda and a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is an international speaker and was the featured nutrition speaker for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign at Harvard Medical School. You can find more information about her here.


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