Dr. Robin Berzin’s Parsley Health is Making Functional Medicine More Accessible

Dr. Robin Berzin went to med school at Columbia University with the goal of getting a solid, conventional medicine education that she could use to help patients in a non-conventional way. The combo of studying public health in college and seeing her dad’s experience as a primary care doctor showed her that medicine alone wasn’t the solution— that things like yoga, nutrition, meditation, and lifestyle changes needed to be the first line of defense in preventing disease.
After graduation, she trained at The Institute for Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a science-based system of medicine that focuses on finding the underlying cause of disease with a personalized approach to address the patient’s needs. There are a lot of barriers for both doctors who want to train in functional medicine and patients who want to go to a functional medicine doctor, Berzin told WellBe.
In 2015, she founded Parsley Health, a boutique healthcare provider focused on functional medicine. Patients pay a monthly fee (that’s lower than what some other functional docs charge for appointments) that includes 60- to 75-minute doctors’ appointments (hello, have you ever talked that long with your GP?), visits with a health coach, and unlimited email access to their team.
Berzin told WellBe she not only wanted to make functional medicine accessible, she also hopes it can be a training ground for other docs who want to practice medicine this way. Talk about sharing your knowledge for the greater good!
Watch the full WellBe interview with Berzin for more on Parsley’s data- and tech-forward approach to healthcare, the importance of using health coach,  an incredible patient story (She went from crazy inflammation and ulcers to no problems in six weeks!), and how to get docs to really learn about nutrition in a useful way. Plus, Berzin shared her advice on how to advocate for the getting the healthcare you want and need to avoid disease and save money in the long run.
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