James Maskell on Why Functional Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

James Maskell, founder of Evolution of Medicine, didn’t realize his upbringing was a little unusual until he got to school — there, he was the only kid who not only knew what a chiropractor was, but had his own, and a naturopath. He was also the only student whose mother had to be called before he could be given antibiotics. Though she wasn’t a medical professional, she somehow knew that antibiotic resistance was going to be a problem and wanted to protect her son.
That kind of healthcare stuck with Maskell and, after starting his career in finance, he became a functional medicine advocate. He founded the Evolution of Medicine, an online resource and community to educate conventional healthcare professionals in integrative and functional medicine with the goal of reversing, preventing, and managing chronic illness. He also created Functional Forum, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference. In 2017, Maskell launched kNew Health, an online functional medicine service.
Maskell talked to WellBe about his start in the healthcare world, and how he got where he is today. Watch the full interview to hear him explain the difference between functional and integrative medicine, the reason that functional medicine is taking off faster in the U.S. than the U.K. (Maskell grew up there), why it’s time for functional medicine to reach more socioeconomic groups, promising research from the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, why functional medicine provides the best value in healthcare, and how he’s helping educate conventional docs. Plus, Maskell talked about the “Journey to 100,” an initiative he is involved with to make Guernsey (an island in the English Channel) the first country to reach a life expectancy of 100.

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