Here you’ll find articles related to pregnancy and fertility. There are few things more natural than pregnancy. After all, women have been giving birth to babies for thousands of years. Yet in the Western healthcare landscape, both fertility and pregnancy have become highly medicalized. In many cases, this medical intervention is important and life-saving; but in many more cases, it is not.

Just as with any area of health, daily life choices have a direct impact on pregnancy and fertility. A woman’s ability to conceive and carry a baby will be influenced by factors such as her diet, what medications she takes, her stress levels, her hormone balance, any chronic health issues she has, and much more. When it comes to labor and delivery, the choices around this process will also have a lasting impact on the mental and physical health of both mother and baby.

Read these articles to learn holistic-minded information about pregnancy and fertility from research-backed guides, expert interviews, personal stories, and new clinical research.