When faced with health challenges, these individuals found that the conventional system didn’t serve their needs. Here’s how integrative health helped them get WellBe.

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    How to Check for Tick Bites

    After she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Christina Sfakianos of New York City started doing nightly tick checks with her family. As she learned herself, ...
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    How To Find A Lyme-literate Doctor

    Christina Sfakianos was bitten by ticks, without realizing it, two consecutive summers and subsequently contracted Lyme disease. It got so bad that the New York ...
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    Facebook Live with Phoebe Lapine

    WellBe Founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith sat down with chef and author Phoebe Lapine to discuss Lapine’s wellness journey after her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune ...