Inspirational success stories from people who healed their chronic issues naturally. For these stories, we talk with individuals who struggled for years with serious health problems — from MS to Crohn’s to rheumatoid arthritis to psoriasis and many more ailments — and tried everything they could think of within the conventional medical system without success. 

Then, each one turned to a holistic, integrative approach that focused on getting to the root cause of their issue rather than simply covering up symptoms. With this shift, every person we spoke with was able to find true healing through lifestyle changes and reverse their symptoms either mostly or entirely. They were able to find their healthiest self, without any of the side effects or risks that come with pharmaceutical prescriptions, invasive surgeries, or other medical procedures. 

Read these stories to be inspired by what’s possible when you take your health into your own hands. 

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How Lyme-Literate Doctors Saved Ally Hilfiger from the Psych Ward

How Lyme-Literate Doctors Saved Ally Hilfiger from the Psych Ward

Imagine suffering from range of ailments that totally controlled your childhood and then having a psychotic breakdown at 18 that led to institutionalization. For Ally Hilfiger, now 32, that was the reality of the bulk of her childhood. When she was 7, Ally Hilfiger was bitten by a tick, but not diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease until 19. For all those years in between, she had to deal with severe fatigue, joint pain, difficulty retaining information, fainting spells, shooting pains, migraines, and serious anxiety attacks. No one could figure out what was causing her physical and neurological complications.