Here you’ll find stories related to holistic mental health. As we’ve learned through our research and interviews, the importance of the mind-body connection cannot be overestimated. Our mental, psychological, spiritual, and emotional state of mind has a direct impact on the physical health of our body, and vice-versa. To this end, any holistic approach to healing must also address mental health, and do so in a holistic manner that prioritizes root cause healing over symptom masking (aka, the same way we advocate for healing physical issues).

Holistic mental health touches countless different topics, and experts from a number of different disciplines can share relevant insights. We’ve spoken to integrative psychiatrists, children’s psychologists, meditation gurus, energy healers, mindfulness advocates, and many more experts — not to mention the people who have healed mental health issues naturally, often through addressing physical root causes. 

Read these articles to learn more about holistic mental health and be inspired by those who have overcome mental health struggles naturally.