FREE WEBINAR: Shame & Self-Judgment About Lifestyle Choices


How to avoid shame and self-judgment about lifestyle choices, especially during the quarantine, while still creating healthier habits

Join WellBe founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith as she shares research on how shame and self-judgment’s affect our mental and physical health, and how they don’t actually help you make healthier choices. Adrienne will also dive into what does work to make healthier lifestyle choices stick in a sustainable way.

Hi, I’m Adrienne. I’m a health researcher, board-certified patient advocate and the founder of WellBe, a platform dedicated to your health empowerment through wellness and integrative medicine. I’ve had some tough experiences in the healthcare system, but they made me dedicate my life to helping you prevent chronic health issues, and heal them naturally when they arise. WellBe is my greatest mission and my life’s work.


Tuesday April 28th

5pm ET / 4pm CT / 2pm PT

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • What shame and self-judgment do to your physical and mental health and how they affect behavior change and will power
    • How you can avoid or reprogram your brain to remove feelings of shame and self-judgment when they come up
    • How to still achieve lifestyle change and health goals without the shame and self-judgment that comes when you fail or screw up

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