FREE Workshop: A Step-by-Step Case Study on Healing a Chronic Condition

A FREE workshop with holistic patient advocate Adrienne Nolan-Smith of WellBe and Heal Documentary Filmmaker Kelly Gores

A Step-by-Step Case Study on Healing a Chronic Illness

This free (and recorded!) workshop is for people interested in healing how to successfully heal a chronic condition. Kelly and I will speak to stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor, Stacy Solodkin, who followed a variety of steps to navigate both the conventional healthcare system and the integrative medicine world.

We will discover what she did to become her own advocate and activate her innate healing capabilities to help her completely transform her health and express no evidence of disease in a span of six months.

JOIN US! Thursday, April 22nd at 5 pm ET / 4 pm CT / 2 pm PT

It will also be recorded and sent to people who registered if you cannot join live!

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to be your own advocate and successfully navigate the healthcare system

  • How to find doctors who will listen and give you the time to truly be heard

  • How to research effectively on your own (without going down a rabbit hole!)

  • How to manage using western or conventional and holistic/“alternative” treatments together
  • How to listen to what your body needs in each phase of the healing journey
  • Time for Q&A since everyone’s body, symptoms, conditions, and circumstances are unique!

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