Organic Hair Salon City Guide – Thank You!

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Organic Hair Salon City Guide – Thank You!

Create a non-toxic home with vetted product lists, implement wellness practices that are proven to prevent and reverse chronic health issues, and do it all with a fabulous group.

Who is the WellBe Spark Health Program for? 

If you don’t have a lot of time and are overwhelmed by the many wellness trends and choices, but do want to take action on making the important lifestyle changes –gathering the products, services and habits that spark health and shedding those that contribute to disease risk – then the WellBe Spark Health Program is for you.

The WellBe Spark Health Program is not for people who don’t believe in a whole-body or integrative approach to medicine or those who are not ready or willing to make changes to their lifestyle.

When Does The Spark Health Program Start?

The Program is currently closed for registration. Join the waitlist to be notified when it opens again for enrollment.

What is WellBe?

WellBe is a company founded by wellness and board-certified patient advocate, Adrienne Nolan-Smith. Over the past twenty years, Adrienne struggled with and has been able to overcome her own health issues including chronic Lyme Disease and Amenorrhea and then became a caretaker for her mother, who was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder at age 58 and died at age 61.

Adrienne built WellBe to help others prevent and reverse chronic health issues naturally, and avoid what she experienced. She built the WellBe Spark Health Program because she has been able to learn –through her research and experience– which changes are actually effective in helping to prevent and reverse chronic health issues and illness naturally. She also doesn’t have a lot of time these days as a busy entrepreneur, so being able to have vetted information and recommendations AND be able to quickly take action to implement them is invaluable to her!

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Organic Hair Salon City Guide – Thank You!