Holistic Dentist Dr. Reid Winick DDS on the Mouth-Gut Connection

“It’s all connected, it’s one tube.” -Dr. Reid L. Winick, D.D.S., founder of Dentistry for Health New York

Your mouth holds all the secrets of your body’s gut health, nutrition, acidity and much more. We learned so much from Dr. Winick about integrative dentistry and how our oral health gives us vital clues into the health of our entire bodies. Winick started as a conventional dentist and changed course after curing his Crohn’s disease. For the past 20 years, he has practiced holistic dentistry, helping his patients with a variety of oral and non-oral health issues. He also explains in this interview how treating bad breath with a swish of mouthwash isn’t going to really solve the problem, and helps us connect the dots between acidity/alkalinity in the body and your teeth, why you really need to get mercury fillings out of the body, why fluoride is just a bandaid and he avoids it, what sleep apnea has to do with dental health and the one tool you need for oral care.

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