Here you’ll find articles that are related to the topic of children’s health. As adults, we have a great degree of control over the various factors that impact our well-being. We can choose what to eat, how much to move our bodies, where to live, and what to bring into our homes. For children, the situation is quite different. 

Minors are at the whims of their parents or guardians when it comes to these choices, and this is particularly true for young children — and even more particularly true for babies, both born and in utero. This means that everyone who has a young person in their life needs to understand the nuances of children’s health in order to make choices that prevent illness and support wellness. When you consider that children and babies are often most vulnerable to the effects of things like toxins or poor nutrition, this issue becomes even more important.

Read these articles to learn vital information about how to protect the health of young humans.