5 Ways to Find Natural Health and Wellness in 2019

Take control of your health naturally in 2019

It’s easy to go into autopilot when it comes to your health: you do the same things day after day, week after week, regardless of whether they’re serving your health. But at WellBe, we know that the 100 tiny choices you make each and every day are your primary healthcare, and can make a huge difference on how you feel. That’s why we’re encouraging you to regain control of your health by taking steps toward finding natural health and wellness this year. In this blog post, we’ll give you five simple, straightforward things you can do to feel amazing and live your best life.

Here’s a sneak peek of our 5 steps toward holistic healing (click on any of them to jump directly to that section):

1. Have compassion toward your chronic illness or health issue (if you have one)

2. Find a holistic doctor

3. Take the WellBe quiz to learn your next steps

4. Learn how to support your brain and mental health

5. Protect your body with healthy daily lifestyle choices

Have Compassion Toward Your Chronic Illness or Health Issue (if you have one)

Whether you’re struggling with unexplainable symptoms, on a battery of meds that don’t seem to do anything, just feel “blah” all the time, or have some other ongoing health issue, it can be very, very frustrating. Finding the right holistic care and natural health products that you need can be a long journey, so it’s essential that you have compassion toward yourself along the way. Don’t get angry at your body or blame yourself; this will only sabotage your own best efforts (after all, the mind-body connection is strong!). Rather, allow yourself to acknowledge the difficulty of the situation while remaining determined to find holistic healing — and trust us, with that attitude, you will.

If you need some inspiration to keep you going, check out the stories below of people overcoming their own chronic health issues to find natural health and wellness.

And if you’re experiencing mystery symptoms and aren’t sure what’s causing them, download our free guide to getting to the root cause of your health issues (just scroll down and enter your email in the pop-up when it appears to get the guide).

Find a Holistic Doctor

It’s a no-brainer that the practitioner you see will have a major influence on the type and quality of care you receive. Not to generalize (well, it’s hard not to), but many conventional doctors will turn to pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures to address your health concerns — often without even considering lifestyle factors like diet and environmental allergens or testing for certain autoimmune conditions.

To get the best holistic care that you deserve, you’ll need to seek out a doctor who takes an integrative approach and values treating the entire individual. That often means asking the right questions of your current doctor, but it can also mean seeking out a new doctor who will help you chart the course of holistic healing. To find a holistic doctor, try searching your network of providers using terms like “integrative,” “holistic,” and “naturopathic.” You can also use these resources:

Take the WellBe Quiz to Learn Your Next Steps

Diving into the world of integrative health can be overwhelming. There are tons of natural health products, countless modes of holistic care, and wellness tips everywhere — so how are you supposed to know where to start? We’ve got your back. The WellBe Quiz is designed to determine exactly where you are on the path to holistic living, how much further you have to go, and what you should do as your next step.

Get informed about where you stand on your #getwellbe journey by taking the quiz today.

5 Ways to Find Natural Health and Wellness in 2019

Learn How to Support Your Brain and Mental Health

There’s absolutely no question that the mind and body are intimately connected. And yet, it’s common practice for us (and our conventional doctors) to treat them as entirely separate entities, or — even worse — ignore what’s going on with your mental health.

You can take care of your mental and brain health in a number of different ways, which we’ve had the privilege of learning about through our expert interviews over the years. Here are some places to start:

Protect Your Body with Healthy Daily Lifestyle Choices

As we like to say, the hundred little choices you make every day are your healthcare. That means when you decide, say, what to put in your coffee, or what brand of sunscreen to buy, it matters — a lot. We know this can feel overwhelming, but the truth is it’s actually incredibly empowering. With just a little bit of knowledge and research, you can take tiny, simple steps that make a major impact on how you feel and whether you get a chronic disease in the future. Take a look at the WellBe Guides to get ideas on healthy swaps and lifestyle changes you can make right now. You can also get started by checking out some of our all-time favorite (and most life-changing) guides:

You + WellBe = The Healthiest Team Ever

The entire WellBe team is committed to learning about and seeking out holistic care and natural lifestyle practices that help us feel our best while keeping ourselves and our loved ones protected from toxins and chronic disease. Each of us has our own health and wellness journeys (you can read the story of our founder, Adrienne, here), which contribute to our mission and our passion for helping you find holistic healing.

Just by being here, you’re showing your commitment to achieving true, natural health and wellness. It might be a long journey, but we can guarantee that the destination will be worth it. If you want comprehensive resources, education, guidelines and support in achieving your best health ever, get on the waitlist for the next Spark Health program! 

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  1. “It’s easy to go into autopilot when it comes to your health”, this starting sentence has a lot to say. The best part about this post is “Learn How to Support Your Brain and Mental Health”. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. 🙂

  2. Great article and podcast! The link for the blood test check sheet doesn’t seem to be there? I’d love to access it, please!

  3. It’s great that you touched on how the mind and body are really connected, and you need to care for both of them. My sister has had some really bad health issues lately and she needs help. I think it’s a good idea for her to try some natural healthcare instead of adding more medications.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks so much for the feedback! If you or your sister aren’t already subscribed, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter! XX Adrienne & Team WellBe

  4. I love that you talked about how the mind and body are connected and should be treated as such. My spouse and I are thinking about getting natural health care this year. We want to work hard to keep our mind and body healthy and as one unit.

    1. Hi Brendan, thanks for your feedback and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here and we look forward to helping
      you on your journey to keep your mind and body healthy! Xx Adrienne & Team WellBe

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