FREE Workshop: The 10 Most Toxic Things in Your Kitchen & Home (and What to Replace Them With!)

A FREE workshop with wellness expert Adrienne Nolan-Smith of WellBe

The 10 Most Toxic Things in Your Kitchen & Home (and What to Replace Them With!)

This FREE workshop is intended to help people interested in reducing their toxic burden and inflammation (and avoid or even reverse chronic health issues!) by cleaning up their home environment (including their groceries!) and understanding less toxic replacements, some of which are even free. The best part? We’ll go through these steps together so you can feel good about your accomplishment after the workshop!

Adrienne Nolan-Smith, patient advocate, wellness speaker, wellness expert and the founder of WellBe

Hi, I’m Adrienne. I’m a health researcher, board-certified patient advocate, and the founder of WellBe, a wellness and integrative medicine focused platform. I’ve had some tough experiences in the healthcare system, but they made me dedicate my life to helping others avoid those same challenges, by empowering you in your health. The first step of empowerment is making sure your everyday choices aren’t harming you. WellBe is my greatest mission and my life’s work.



5 PM ET / 4 PM CT / 2 PM PT

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Learning which of the common items in your home and kitchen are the most toxic
  • Learning why those things are toxic (the short and long term health implications)
  • Hearing about possible replacement items (some of which are even free!) for the toxic items in your home
  • Time to actually clean out and replace these items in the workshop so it’s DONE by the time we are finished
  • Time for Q&A since everyone’s home, budget, needs, and lifestyles are different!

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