Here you’ll find articles related to environmental health and non-toxic living. Several different factors play a large role in determining our health and well-being. There are certain factors we can control completely — like our diet, exercise habits, sleep, and stress levels — but protecting your health from toxins in your environment can be more complicated.

Because of the nature of the industrialized world in which we live, toxins are everywhere. The air we breathe and water we drink is often polluted, and chemicals make their way into every type of consumer goods, from packaged foods to personal care products to baby toys. At WellBe, we talk a lot about your “toxic load,” or the idea that what matters most is the overall accumulation of toxins you encounter over your life. We can’t avoid toxins completely, but we can make choices that minimize our contact with harmful substances and help keep our toxic load low.

Read these articles to learn more about how the environment impacts your health, and equip yourself with knowledge and strategies to live a non-toxic life.