Docs Wanted To Remove Her Colon, But Didn’t Tell Her Why

Amy Kurtz was always a lively, active child, until a random incident when she was 14 left her with debilitating back pain. Kurtz had been reaching for a textbook when she felt a shooting pain up her spine. She saw multiple specialists, but no one could tell her what the root cause of her issue was, and she was put on heavy-duty pain meds. She stayed on those drugs for 10 years.
Then, when she was on a trip to Israel at age 25, she picked up a parasitic infection that made her gain 30 pounds in 30 days and basically shut her entire body down. She went to conventional specialists and underwent all the GI tests she could, but, again, no one had an answer. Well, unless you consider telling a young woman she should have her colon removed an answer— even though they didn’t know why her colon wasn’t working in the first place.
That “answer” made Kurtz feel like she’d hit rock bottom. Watch the full WellBe interview to hear what happened when she went to a doc with a more integrative approach (hint, they figured out a few things, including that she had celiac disease). Find out what change almost instantly stopped her back pain and the elements of the complete lifestyle overhaul she used to finally have a working digestive system. Now, Kurtz is an author, health & wellness coach, and motivational speaker.
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