How Amie Valpone Healed Herself From 10 Years of Chronic Illness

Imagine gaining 40 pounds through the course of a single day. For Amie Valpone, a case of edema— swelling caused by excessive fluid trapped in the body’s tissues — started her on a medical journey that took 10 years to resolve. Valpone went to top hospitals and doctors to try to figure out what was causing her legs to swell, but no one could pinpoint and resolve the issue. On top of that, her body would become inflamed when she ate and she was put on multiple antibiotics for a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and candida.
Then, in 2011, she contracted C.diff (a bacterium that’s common in people who take antibiotics over a long period of time) and was given 24 hours to live. From that point on, Valpone vowed to dedicate her life to helping others find the cause of their disease and use integrative medicine to heal. She left her corporate job, became a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and worked with functional and integrative doctors to try to figure out what was going on in her body. Valpone tells WellBe they found everything from mold to heavy metals to leaky gut to polycystic ovarian syndrome and a handful of other diagnoses, including Lyme. Through her website, The Healthy Apple, and her book, “Eating Clean,” Valpone, 34, strives to help others who are struggling to resolve their health issues.
Listen to the full interview with Valpone on The WellBe Podcast.
Useful Links:
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“Eating Clean” by Amie Valpone
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Valpone worked with the following doctors:
Dr. Jeffrey Morrison
Dr. Richard Horowitz
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