The WellBe Guide to Organic Wine

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there’s bound to be some wine in your very near future. As the holiday season ramps up, and with it all the excessive food and drink, now is the perfect time to take a close look at how you can make the season a little healthier. Luckily, you can easily give your vino a WellBe upgrade just by knowing what to look for — namely, organic wine.
Whether it’s to accompany the Thanksgiving feast or for a casual dinner, organic wine is the best choice for your palate and your health. The choice helps you stay away from unwanted toxins. (Grapes are #8 on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list.) Most of all, your liver has to work hard to filter out the alcohol from your blood— why also make it filter out chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and sulfite preservatives? When you give your liver too much to filter, it takes away from its other vital functions: making bile to digest food, storing energy and nutrients, and manufacturing hormones, proteins, and enzymes that your body uses to function and ward off disease. Alcohol isn’t the greatest thing for your body, but Team WellBe indulges in moderation and realizes that it has been part of the human and community experience for thousands of years.
Watch our organic wine guide video above to learn more about why choosing organic wine is important. And when you head to the wine store, keep an eye out for varietals from these WellBe-endorsed winemakers:

Ullo Wine Purifier with Display Base, Travel Bag, and Filters


Paul Dolan Organic Wines - 4 Pack

Paul Dolan organic wine

Riedel VINUM Bordeaux/Merlot/Cabernet Wine Glasses