Why Your Coffee Choices Matter: The WellBe Guide

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you give up coffee. Rather, instead of making it a mindless, swing-by-the-coffee-shop-in-a-blur-on-the-way-to-work thing, take a minute to think about what’s in that cup. Conventional coffee beans are usually produced with pesticides, which may be linked to food allergies and obesity, among other things. Go organic, instead. Here are a few national and online brands that are either all organic or have organic options:
Make at Home:
– Allegro Coffee (Buy: Allegro Organic French Roast)
– Birds & Beans
– DOMA (Buy: DOMA “The Chronic – Super Dank” Coffee Dark Roasted)
– Green Mountain Coffee (Buy: Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic House Blend)
– Grumpy Mule (Buy: Grumpy Mule Organic Sumatra)
– Higher Grounds Coffee
– Pura Vida Coffee (Buy: Pura Vida Coffee French Vanilla Decaf)
– Rise Up Coffee Roasters
Coffee Chains:
– The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf*
– Peet’s Coffee*
– Pret a Manger
– Stumptown Coffee Roasters*
*also available online
Now watch part 2 of our coffee series, where we investigate the add-ins you’re stirring into your morning crack.
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