Tried-and-Tested Wellness Tips from WellBe Experts

Wellness tips aren’t hard to find. Every magazine, Instagram account, and random person at the coffee shop has some sort of “expert” advice on how to live your best, healthiest life. A lot of these tips are bogus (I mean, the fact that the “grapefruit diet” ever even existed should tell you that), but the truth is that the right wellness tips and routines can make a HUGE difference in your health and happiness. To help you cut through all the noise, we asked every WellBe expert what they do to #getwellbe, and put these wellness tips and rituals together into a list, sorted by category. We think these are a great place to start if you’re overwhelmed with all the wellness tips out there because the people we interviewed are either experts in their field or have healed from chronic illness. What’s better than proof?

Wellness Tip 1: Get Enough Sleep

When we asked her what she does to #getwellbe, “making sure I get enough sleep” was the very first thing that WellBe inspiration story Ally HIlfiger said. Parsley Health founder Robin Berzin concurs, explaining that she takes a magnesium supplement at night to help her relax, because “getting that full eight hours for me, sometimes even eight and a half hours of sleep — I have to get sleep, or I’m not a functional person.” PaleoBOSS Lady Diane V. Capaldi also knows the importance of prioritizing shut-eye, telling us that “I #getwellbe by following my circadian rhythm when I sleep. It’s a super powerful tool.”

Wellness Tip 2: Move Your Body Regularly

Getting enough exercise is very important (remember that study that showed that not exercising is worse than smoking??) and our WellBe experts know it. Carley Smith (aka “The Fairy Gutmother”), Robin Berzin, and Dr. Taz Bhatia told us that yoga is a major tool for them: Carley practices every day, and Robin says that “yoga is my reset, it helps my body realign and relieve stress and feel strong.” Dr. Taz emphasizes that “hot yoga is a must for me. I love it, I crave it, I miss it. ” For Max Lugavere, he doesn’t have a specific type of exercise he subscribes to, but knows that the important thing is to stay active, so he prioritizes “imbuing my day with as much movement as i possibly can, not being static.”
Sahara Rose explains that the value of exercise isn’t just physical, it also has a major influence on your mind and emotions throughout the day: “I #getwellbe by stretching my body every single morning,” she says. “I really feel like when my body’s open, my mind is open and I’m so much more open to creative ideas, and when my body feels stuck and heavy, I’m not as open in my life.”

Wellness Tip 3: Nourish Your Body with the Right Food

While there wasn’t one prevailing diet amongst WellBe experts, almost all of them emphasized how important it is to pay attention to what you eat and only give your body food that makes it feel good. “I eat a highly plant-based diet, I’m very careful about the food that I eat” says Health Coach Amy Kurtz. Robin Berzin tells us that she generally eats “a gluten-free, dairy-free, very low sugar diet. Getting back on that if I’ve been off it immediately makes me feel better. Meanwhile, Carley Smith shares that she drinks bone broth every day, while Max Lugavere sums it all up nicely: I make sure I’m only putting the best, most high-quality food I can afford into this system.”

Wellness Tip 4: Prioritize Connection and Community

This is a biggie for functional medicine advocate James Maskell. He knows that social stress is one of the biggest drivers of death and disease, and so he makes sure to connect with other people. “I think the power of human-to-human connection [is very important],” he says. “If you look at the healthiest people in the world, there’s a real power of community there.”
Chronic illness advocate Nitika Chopra affirms this value, telling us that “I #getwellbe by relying on my closest friends. I have a huge community of people in my life, but really it’s the people who I connect with on a daily basis that support me, love me, take me just as I am.” V. Capaldi concurs: “I #getwellbe by having a great community that supports my journey.”

Wellness Tip 5: Start the Day Right

Our experts know that the way you spend those first few minutes of the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and so they pay attention to how they spend that time. That looks different for everyone, but the important thing is that they begin the day feeling grounded, focused, and happy. For V. Capaldi, that means dancing as soon as she gets out of bed; Max Lugavere, meanwhile, makes sure to step outside and get some bright light exposure, which he explains is “really important for anchoring my body’s circadian rhythm”; Nitika Chopra doesn’t have a specific routine, she just makes sure to acknowledge the tender transition from sleep to waking: “I #getwellbe by really taking in that moment in the morning, and acknowledging it when I wake up, playing beautiful meditation music while I’m getting ready,” she says.
Alisa Vitti’s routine is much more specific, and highly focused on setting the tone for a happy day: “I #getwellbe by really locking in my morning routine. So it’s a little bit of water in the morning to get things moving, a little bit of stretching, a lot of cuddling with my toddler to get her ready for school, and then we take this beautiful walk together to school. Then I have a nice little half an hour of my own walking home where I’ll just call a friend. I try to frontload my morning with things that boost my joy factor, because that sets off a whole chain of chemical conversation in my body that really boosts immunity, and boosts endocrine performance and cognitive performance. It’s really about pleasure first thing in the morning for me. I think that’s an important micronutrient that’s overlooked.”

Wellness Tip 6: Meditation

It’s probably not surprising that meditation was a major part of how our experts #getwellbe. “I meditate every single day,” Amy Kurtz told us. “It’s a non-negotiable for me. I can be totally anxious if I don’t do it. It really calms my whole nervous system down, it’s totally changed everything for me.”
Meditation is equally crucial for Heal filmmaker Kelly Gores, who says that “my regular practice includes meditation. I think that’s essential. After you practice it for a while, you crave it. Like a shower — a shower for your mind.” And it should go without saying that MNDFL founder Ellie Burrows incorporates meditation into her routine, telling us that “I #getwellbe by practicing meditation every day for 30 minutes. I remember what it was like to live in a body before I meditated, and the way stress would cause me all sorts of ailments, and I never want to go back there. I’m a more relaxed, less stressed out human who is able to serve the other humans around me.”