Sundays Studio Is A Nail Salon That Cares About Your Health

When Amy Ling Lin owned a chain of conventional nail salons, she tried to get ingredient lists from her suppliers, but a lot of times that info wasn’t available. Sketchy. When she was able to research what was inside the nail polishes, she was shocked. There were some pretty toxic chemicals in there, including a possible hormone disruptor that stays in your body for 8 hours.
 In 2015, The New York Times did a big exposé on the dangers of working in a nail salon. Employees are at risk for respiratory and skin ailments, cancer, abnormal fetal development, miscarriages, and other harm to fetal health. Lin was not into that.
She spent a year formulating a line of non-toxic nail polish that’s free of nine nasty chemicals and animal byproducts. (Yep, some pigments in shimmery and metallic shades are derived from animals like insects or fish.)
Lin sat down with WellBe to talk about her NYC nail salon, sundays studio, which opened in March 2017.
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