Meika Hollender and Her Dad Started a Vagina-Friendly Product Brand

The feminine hygiene and sexual/reproductive health aisles at the drugstore are filled with tampon, pad, and condom brands that seem as standard as Campbell’s soup, but since 2014, there’s a new company that’s making vagina-friendly products with a laundry list of certifications (USDA Organic and Fair Trade, to name a few) to protect your health and the environment.
Meika Hollender started Sustain Natural with her dad, Jeffrey (he co-founded Seventh Generation) in 2014 when they saw a lack of innovation in personal care products that were sustainable and healthy. After all, you’re putting tampons and condoms in the most intimate and absorbent part of your body. Hollender sat down with WellBe to talk about starting Sustain.
Watch the full WellBe interview for more from Hollender, including the lack the lack of transparency required from condom and tampon manufacturers, why conventional products aren’t great for your vagina, why lubricants may increase your risk of STIs, why vaginal wipes aren’t healthy, how all these products interact with vaginal flora, the importance of condoms in STD/STI prevention, and whether coconut oil is safe to use as a lube.
Hollender emphasized that women need to know what’s normal for their vaginal health and what’s in their personal care products so they can make the best choices for their bodies. In fact, she’s working with Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) to get the FDA to require tampon and pad manufacturers to disclose their ingredients.
The information contained in this article comes from our interview with Meika Hollender is the Co-Founder and President of Sustain Natural, the leading brand of all-natural, vagina-friendly products. She is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business. You can learn more about Meika and Sustain here.
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