Ask Your Doc These Questions to Heal, Not Just Manage

So…what do you do when doctors tell you nothing’s wrong with you, or that they have no answers, or even worse, that something is wrong, but there’s nothing you can do to get better? WellBe founder Adrienne talked to Amy Kurtz, author of “Kicking Sick” and a Certified Health Coach, about handling a health issue. They discussed this all-too-common occurrence and questions you should ask your doctor so you can actually heal what’s ailing you, not just manage symptoms.
Ask your doc:
  1. Is this the root cause of my problem (when you get a diagnosis) and will it cure it, rather than manage the symptoms?
  2. Is this antibiotic and, if so, is my issue confirmed to be bacterial? What can you offer to protect my good bacteria or repair my gut?
  3. What side effects does this have and is it absolutely necessary?
  4. Is there something non-chemical I can try, like food changes, supplements, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or meditation?
  5. I’d prefer not to go the drug or surgery route and to limit my exposure to radiation unless completely necessary. What else can you recommend?
  6. Do you consider yourself a functional or integrative medicine doctor?
  7. Just because what’s wrong with me isn’t showing up in the testing you can offer today doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong with me. What else would you suggest, so I can get to the bottom of it?
Watch the full conversation, where they talked about their can’t-miss wellness routines for staying well, Kurtz’s book and her Good Morning America appearances.

Kurtz’s journey to becoming a health coach started with her own health challenge— she dealt with debilitating back pain for 10 years, then picked up a parasitic infection at age 25. Docs wanted to take out her colon as a solution, but couldn’t explain why. Learn more about her story here.
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