Why Detoxing and Going on a Juice Cleanse Are Not the Same

Surprise, going on a juice cleanse isn’t the same as detoxing your body. It’s really about the little things, like using a water filter to take out toxins from your tap water, eating organic, and avoiding plastics, author and health coach Amie Valpone told WellBe. Valpone doesn’t believe in fasting or juice cleanses— especially if it’s non-organic juice. Drinking that is like eating condensed pesticides, she said. Detoxing is really about supporting your body’s ability to get rid of toxins on its own on a daily basis. Watch our clip to hear two ways to do just that.
Watch the full WellBe interview with Valpone, where she discussed how she used integrative medicine to finally get over 10+ years of chronic illness.
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