The world of integrative health encompasses a vast array of different topics, and it can often feel overwhelming to find trusted, comprehensive, accessible information on them. You hear different things from different sources, depending on whether it’s a social media influencer or a brand trying to sell you something or a doctor who has their own individual biases and training. These guides are meant to make it simple to understand the topics that are central to living your healthiest life.

In each of these guides, we explore everything you want to know about a certain topic — what it is, the science behind it, what it means for your life, plus a handy little cheat-sheet summary at the end. We cover everything from whether you should take a vitamin D supplement to what causes brain fog to what you should be putting in your coffee (as well as what kind of coffee beans are healthiest!). Each of our guides draws from authoritative sources, which you can find in the citations at the bottom of the article. 

Read these guides to learn in-depth, actionable information about specific health and wellness topics.

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The 4 Worst Things to Put In Your Coffee + Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

The 4 Worst Things to Put In Your Coffee + Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Now that you’ve learned why conventional coffee may not be very good for you, (you watched our video, right?), we’re taking a look at the common stuff people put in coffee. Unfortunately, most of the super convenient stuff (i.e. powdered creamer, coffee pods, fake sugar packets, whatever milk is on the counter) aren’t the healthiest and could affect your body in unexpected ways, like messing with your hormones. Watch the video for WellBe’s suggestions for healthier swaps and the ideal coffee order.